The Natural Progression from Usui Reiki

SekhmetSekhem Initiations and Teaching with Grenville Williams, Egyptian Sekhem Reiki Master:

Sekhem 1
Sekhem 2
Sekhem 1 & 2 combined
Sekhem Advanced
Sekhem Masters – Part 1
Sekhem Masters – Part 2

Sekhem is a healing modality and it can be passed to you through initiation processes so
that you too can learn to be a healer. Alternatively you can receive a therapy session
which brings powerful change physically, emotionally or spiritually.

“Sekhem is a very powerful transformational force in energy healing. It is believed
to be the healing energy taught and practiced by the Priesthood in the temples of
ancient Egypt. There are references to SKHM in scrolls and hieroglyphs indicating
that ‘Sekhem’ denoted ‘Power’ or ‘ Might’ when used in spiritual terms.”

Simon Treselyan