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Student Testimonials

quoteI first met Grenville in May of this year [2012] to have some Sekhem Healing. I had not tried this particular energy healing before however I was used to sampling many in the past. I was drawn to his lovely, warm personality. He is a pure channel for this type of healing and it is incredibly powerful. He is patient and intuitive. I found that Sekhem Healing helped me over the weeks to make peace with a few things in my life and move forward. Its the sort of healing where you see changes gradually within yourself. I felt clearer, focused and less anxious. I went back for a second appointment which I felt really encouraged me to make some positive changes in my life. Grenville has been very supportive to me even after the treatment session. Thank you Grenville for all your support and for all your words of encouragement.quote

Karyn Elisabeth Farrell

quoteI had, through a member of my family, been introduced to Sekhem Reiki for sometime, for various reasons never went ahead with the wish to become attuned myself. Having been introduced to Grenville by that same family member, I knew I had found the right person to go ahead with Sekhem Reiki Level 1.

I found the energies very powerful but gentle at the same time. I would like to say to anyone who is considering giving themselves the gift of Sekhem Reiki that Grenville is the right person. He is very friendly and has a very professional approach to the teaching.quote

Alisa Withers (Sekhem Level 1 & 2 student)

quoteI first met Gren in 2005 when I was interested in doing some Sekhem training. I phoned Gren up and we had a very long conversation about our experiences of Sekhem energy and how he works and teaches. I found he was very open and easy to talk to, and I connected well with him. I knew he was the right teacher for me.

When I first met Gren in person, I found him to be a heart-centred and committed teacher with a great sense of humour. I did my Level 1 & 2 training in one weekend at his house. Gren made the experience memorable by creating a lovely Egyptian atmosphere with good diagrams and pictures, incense and music, and of course, a statue of Sekhmet! The attunements were blissful and I was very impressed with Gren’s ability as a channel for the energy.

As a teacher, Gren was able to provide some useful written information and training manuals. I had a lot of questions and Gren was always willing to find out information where he was not able to give immediate answers. Sometimes Gren would reflect my own shadow side. He would use vague or indirect language. I realise now that this was a reflection of an aspect of me that I need to work on. Now, I try to be precise. I was also aware that some of Gren’s teaching methods were different to my own. Gren works methodically through each manual so that the students absorb the essential and important aspects of the Sekhem system.

I went on to do the Sekhem Advanced Level course with Gren in 2006, and finally the Master/Teacher course in 2007. Gren made each attunement a memorable occasion. We did healing work on each other and I learned 22 Sekhem healing symbols from him in total. As well as learning about Sekhem, I learned about Reiki and other healing modalities, such as SKHM and Seichim. This was of interest given that I was already a Reiki teacher. Gren has a lot of experience in healing and energy work, and I learned a lot.

I recommend Gren highly for his healing knowledge and experience.

To Gren – Thank you for helping me on my healing journey. You are a great teacher and a Siriun Master! Bless you!

SSS (Sa Sekhem Sahu!)quote

Nick Ameghino (Sekhem Master/Teacher/Usui Reiki Master/Teacher)

quoteWhether seeking a treatment or training I can think of no one better qualified than Grenville Williams. He walks the healing pathway with a passion and breaths Reiki Energy as I feel sure Usui would have done. He sits comfortably in his place within the universe and oozes unconditional love in his healing and teaching. He guided me through my Masters/Teacher Degree with such emotion that it seems like only yesterday. I am unable to thank Grenville enough for instilling in me the highest standards of Reiki which I now pass on to my own students.quote

Tony King (Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher)

quoteGrenville's warm, kind, gentle personality shines through his healing and teaching work. I was very fortunate in choosing him as my Reiki Master for my Reiki 1 & 2 courses, both proving to be illuminating and rewarding experiences. I would not hesitate to recommend Grenville to anyone seeking to progress along their spiritual path.quote

Joan E. (Reiki Therapist/Practitioner)

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