The Natural Progression from Usui Reiki

What is Sekhem?

Sekhmet Egyptian GoddessSekhem is a healing modality and it can be passed to you through initiation processes so that you too can learn to be a healer. Alternatively you can receive a therapy session which brings powerful change physically, emotionally or spiritually. Sekhem Level 2 initiation includes Seichim Reiki Master Level symbols. Sekhem Mastership is more in line with a spiritual path than a pure healing modality.

Where it all began - Patrick Ziegler

Sekhmet Egyptian Goddess An American, Patrick Ziegler, had a powerful initiatory experience in the Great Pyramid and was also trained by a Sufi Sheikh. Through these experiences he was inspired as to how to pass on the ability to access the Sekhem energy stream. This was the foundation and trigger for Sekhem, Seichim, Seichem and SKHM. All these Egyptian systems were defined and structured later by other Masters to create their own systems.

“Sekhem is a very powerful transformational force in energy healing. It is believed to be the healing energy taught and practiced by the Priesthood in the temples of Ancient Egypt. There are references to SKHM in scrolls and hieroglyphs indicating that ‘Sekhem’ denoted ‘Power’ or ‘Might’ when used in spiritual terms.”
Simon Treselyan

Sekhem is connected with our own empowerment for both healing and spiritual development. Once initiated all our healing work improves exponentially. Sekhem is more powerful than Reiki and it works on the 5 Energy Bodies simultaneously. This results in the avoidance of a prolonged healing crisis and is a great aid in spiritual development.

Sekhem has a close connection to the Egyptian lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet – ‘the Goddess of a thousand names’. She destroys all that is no longer of value and brings healing to the world. Many people not connected with Egypt and her archetypes experience the energies in different ways. Other powerful archetypes, Saints and Angels, carry the same energy and manifest to the initiates. The energy comes through in the way most appropriate for each student or person receiving healing.

How does Sekhem work?

Egyptian pyramids GizaspacerSekhem employs 3D symbols which are linked to the science of the pyramids. This energy is fundamentally Unconditional Love in its pure form. The symbols include access to inter-dimensional portals. In healing sessions the practitioner places their hands on or near the body and passes the Sekhem Energy to the recipient. Although from a very high level, it is also grounding as a bridge is formed between Heaven and Earth. The experience is inspirational, healing and sometimes profoundly spiritual.

Benefits of Sekhem

Some of the benefits of Sekhem are:

  • Assist us in manifesting our goals and healing our bodies.
  • Increase our psychic powers and abilities to see energy.
  • Increase our feeling of aliveness by bringing us more fully into the present.
  • Increase awareness of who we are and about our relationships.
  • Accelerate the infinite process of spiritual development and enlightenment.


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